Help It - Official Music Video

My music video for my new song "Help It" is here! This is 1 of 5 brand new songs off my debut EP entitled Greater Than Self officially released August 10th, 2018. Watch it here: 

About Help It

Help It is a song about learning to deal with and handle personal loss. It acknowledges the resilience of the human race and our ability to make it through dark and challenging moments.

Each day that we wake up is filled with gifts and they are all around us if we take a second to simply notice them.  With life's pressures being what they are. it's easy to overlook the many blessings that come our way since many of them come in the form of lessons that we experience through our individual and collective trials and tribulations.

I have incredible women in my life so in my lyrics to this record I personify the palm tree that is right outside of my front door in San Diego where I live. They read:

“Hey Ms palm tree its nice to see you so alive, have I mentioned how I admire the way you sway so you don’t break, you make life ok, for today.”

This means a few different things but essentially it iss me recognizing the beauty in nature and mother earth all around us, while at the same time recognizing these strong ladies in my life because I don’t know where I would be without them.