Official Music Video for “Better Way”


About Aaron Wolf


Aaron is a music artist and entrepreneur based out of San Diego, CA. His music carries a feel of acoustic, So-Cal inspired vibes and appeals to fans of similar like Slightly Stoopid, Nahko, and Jack Johnson, with an influence of modern production making a sound of his own.

Aaron uses his music for good and is building a platform which makes it easier for artists like him to grow their careers and help others with their music. He believes that in our darkest times is when we see the most growth. His music is a reflection of his own life experience including personal wins, trails and lessons learned along the way.

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August 2nd - Lorimar Loft, Temecula, CA

August 18th - Akash Winery, Temecula, CA

August 29 - Cedros Night Stroll, Solana Beach

August 30th - Nick And Gs, San Diego, CA

September 8th - Nick And Gs, San Diego, CA

September 18th - Nick And Gs, San Diego, CA

September 21st - Akash Winery, Temecula, CA

September 22nd - Lorimar Winery, Temecula, CA

September 26th - Cedros Night Stroll, Solana Beach, CA

September 27th - “Better Way” Single Release, San Diego, CA

September 28th - Skyloft, Laguna Beach, CA

September 29th - Nick And Gs, San Diego, CA

October 5th - Hangar 24, Lake Havasu, AZ

October 6th, Hangar 24, Lake Havasu, AZ

October 26th, Reggae Ranch, Julian, CA

October 27th - Akash Winery, Temecula CA

October 31st - Nick&Gs,San Diego, CA

Novemeber 20th - Nick&GS, San Diego, CA

November 22 - Wonder Front Festival, San Diego, CA

November 24th - Nick&Gs, San Diego, CA

November 30th - Little Italy Farmers Market

December 8th - Nick&Gs - San Diego, CA

December 22nd- Nick &Gs - San Diego, CA

December 28th - Little Italy Farmers Market