Aaron is a music artist and entrepreneur based out of San Diego, CA. 

His music has an acoustic guitar at the beach feel of So-Cal inspired vibes, combined with a touch of hip hop and reggae that appeals to fans across several genres as a sound of it’s own.

Aaron uses his music for good and is building a platform which makes it easier for artists like him to grow their careers and help others with music. He believes that in our darkest times is when we see the most growth, His music is a reflection of life experience, trails and lessons learned that he aims to share along the way.


After leaving his career in sales, while pulling together his debut release, he was confronted by a lack of transparency and direction within the music industry. This is why he set out on a mission to create a space for him and other musicians to learn online and gain clarity in the music industry.

He is now the founder and host of the annual Musician Mastery Summit - An online summit with the goal to provide other aspiring musicians with easy access to hear from the top music pros in the industry today. 

Through this experience, Aaron found that he is most fulfilled when crafting solutions to problems that others are facing and has gone on to set the tone with his music by living for a purpose that was bigger than just him. 

Upon executive producing and self funding the project, as well as writing the songs ,  the project also features a collaboration on the record “Comfort Zone” featuring production by producer Major Seven.

Aaron will go on to use his music as a power of good in the world, and has a vision to create a platform that stands for following our heart even when there is no clear path laid out in front of us. He knows and believes that in our darkest hour is where we experience the most evolution and personal growth. Aaron has the heart of a true leader and is moved by love and nothing else.